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Hostel Africa is a privately held equity investment firm with core business of development of affordable Student Hostels across Africa Universities; with the offering of private equity funding for project development, leveraging on diaspora partnership, global investors, third-party clients and cutting-edge technologies for project seamless delivery.

Our Values

 – Safety first
 – Do what is RIGHT
 – Grow together
 – PLUS benefits for everyone

Our Brand

Provide comfort for learning


Building communities for student global success.


To provide a home for 200,000 students on university campuses, in 50 Africa universities, on or before year 2033

The Hostel Africa key operation centers on offering Student accommodation investments to Africans at home and diaspora through equity participating.

The quality and location of student accommodation projects is a key component in our business model and long term strategy. Hostel Africa align with Africa universities to deliver student accommodation solutions to support their growth ambitions.

The model of project development and delivery of student accommodations are designed to offer the acquisition of units with such features as affordable prices, low entry point, attractive designs, mortgaged backed and professionally structured project delivery.

Hostel Africa is an offshoot of City Planners Property & Investment Limited (member of City Planners Group), a real estate development and investment outfit incorporated and registered as a limited liability companies in Nigeria.

City Planners Property and Investment Limited is consortium of firms made up of highly skilled real estate professionals specializing in the master planning, financing, design, construction and management of large scale residential and commercial housing projects to provide real estate solutions, infrastructural development and construction of choice properties for her clients both home and abroad.

The company focuses on improving returns on assets by investing in emerging markets in Africa especially Nigeria. It engages in growing market need for accommodation of acceptable international standards by Nigerians at home and in Diaspora.

With a portfolio of over 217million square feet under management of City Planners group and links to major listing brokers in Nigeria, Hostel Africa has the capability to consistently source opportunities for investment assets. This cooperation within the consortium, its property management clients, and its institutional partners provides the strategic advantage of “first-look” opportunities which limit competition.

The Company has built quality and strong brand in the built industry for two decades with major footprints across 4 states in Nigeria.


Operational Proficiency

Hostel Africa is a firm of professionals with expertise in different aspects of real estate business including design, development, management and investment management. The principal has transacted business nationwide, cultivating extensive relationships with major institutions, investment banks, lenders, REITs, private equity funds, and individual owners of real estate.
The team has cultivated a model of real estate business with dominance in developing student accommodation to create value for investors.

The principal being established and operating in the real estate sector for two decades, possesses extensive knowledge of the real estate space and a track record of working with institutions, global investors and third-party clients – both at home and abroad.


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We are a team of highly skilled real estate professionals specializing in the master planning, financing, design, construction and management of large scale residential and commercial housing projects.